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Try on Mommy's High Heel Shoes!

Mommy’s High Heel Shoes is a story about a little girl nicknamed "Cakes" (because of her LOVE of cupcakes!)  After Mommy leaves for work, Cakes plays in Mommy’s closet with her brother and imagines she is Mommy!  While Cakes is trying on Mommy's shoes, her brother is being a typical little boy, playing with his toy penguin and making trains/building forts out of Mom's shoes.  Cakes discovers that Mommy wears so many different shoes because Mommy has lots of jobs.  This story explores the subject of why mothers work outside the home and the many important jobs mommies have inside the home.  This book truly celebrates a busy working mommy and her sweeter than cupcakes relationship with her children!   

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In addition, everyone will have fun finding the hidden pictures inside this book.  There is a hidden cupcake, ladybug and heart on each page of the story!  Kids love to pick this book up over and over again.




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  brother in purse

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