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April 20th, 2011: Shout Out from Alicia Ybarbo, TODAY producer and TODAY Moms contributor


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Mommy's High Heel Shoes Press ReleaseKristie Finnan and Pat Achilles

Mommy's High Heel Shoes is
Working Mother Magazine's Recommended Book Pick- November 2009 issue
Working Mother Cover


MomSpace Magazine features Kristie Finnan in the Summer 2009 Edition

MomSpace Magazine Features Kristie Finnan, Bucks County Mom

Bucks County Women's Journal features Kristie in June/July Edition

Bucks County Women's Journal Features Kristie Finnan

Kristie Finnan at the NBC Todays Moms Book Launch Party in New York City! April 24th, 2008
Kristie with Sarah Ferguson              Mary Ann Zoellner & Alicia Ybarbo                Natalie Morales
Kristie Finnan and Sarah FergusonKristie Finnan and Todays Momskristie finnan and Natalie Morales

Kristie Finnan receives a letter from Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House
Nancy Pelosi Letter to Kristie Finnan Author of Mommy's High Heel Shoes

Watch Kristie Finnan's first TV appearance Jan 22nd, 2009 on WFMZ Channel 69
Be sure to click on Segment 1 and Segment 2!
kristie finnan and Eve Tannery WFMZ

Listen to a podcast of Kristie's interview with Award winning Radio Host, Brad Segall, on Philadelphia WOGL 98.1

A 5 shoe review just in from Alaska- click to see review
Piper Palin (Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter)
Occupation: Kid
"I LOVE the Book."  Love, Piper

Piper Palin Loves Mommy's High Heel Shoes- gives it 5 Shoe review!

Read February 2009 Press Release- Publishers Adopt Mobile Technology to Reach Young Readers

Read the NJ.com article featured on January 6th, 2008
Read the Bucks County Courier Times/Intelligencer Dec 3rd, 2008
Read the Bucks County Herald Article Kristie was featured in on November 13, 2008, Vol 7, No 7.
October 2008 Press Release - Mommy's High Heel Shoes Now Available!

more Reviews- CLICK HERE

And More Below...


What Mom's are Saying...

The Rating Scale:


  • 5 Shoes: Loved it!
  • 4  Shoes: Extremely liked it
  • 3 Shoes: Like it
  • 2 Shoes: Okay
  • 1 Shoe: Didn’t fit

Ana Picazo, Stay at Home Mom, 3 kids
"The story and illustrations are as sweet as a candy sprinkled cupcakes! Kids AND Moms will feel good after reading this book.

Dr. Allen Goldstein
Dentist,Father of 2 and grandfather of 5
"Delightful subject- different, colorful, clever, fun to read, wonderful for kis with working moms & Non working too. Loved finding the hidden pictures (heart, etc.)"

Mrs. Mel Ginsburg, Teacher, Mother of 1
"What a great book! It is about time that something like this was written!"

Angela Ordonez,Retail Manager, Mother of 1
"Well, I must tell you, this book is absolutely amazing!! We were able to purchase a few signed copies and share them with other friends and family members. We had a blast last night looking for the cupcakes, ladybugs, and hearts. Although, the pumpkin patch at Nonesuch Farms was a tricky one :) I myself wear heels everyday to work and some of the funniest pictures I have of my daughter are of her wearing them. This book makes the perfect holiday gift! Great Work!"

Becky, Consultant, Mom of 3 children
"What a creative, adorable book. A true gem for anyone who knows a working mom. Awesome illustrations!"


Sheri Morin,Senior Director, Sales & Marketing,Mom of 3 Girls
A Total Hit! (Yes this Mom added an extra shoe!)
"This book completely reflects our family. I feel like it was written personally for our 3 girls and the feelings of their mommy. This is our life!"


Christine Cohen, Social Worker, 1 child
"Thanks for such a fun book with meaning. It is fun to look for the cupcake, ladybug and heart on each page!"

How Sweet Is It?... We Asked the Kids

The Rating Scale:

cupcake1cupcake2cupcake3cupcake4cupcake 5

  • 5 cupcakes: Delicious- loved it!
  • 4 cupcakes: Really Yummy- really liked it!
  • 3 cupcakes: Yummy- liked it.
  • 2 cupcakes: Tasted okay
  • 1 cupcakes: Not my favorite

cupcake1cupcake2cupcake3cupcake4cupcake 5                                 Mayson: Age 3, Middle Island- New York

Mom says, "She gave me a big messy kiss when we were done reading, then went up into my shoe closet again!"

cupcake1cupcake2cupcake3cupcake4cupcake 5
Isabella: Age 8, Doylestown- PA Third Grade
"This book is way cool"

cupcake1cupcake2cupcake3cupcake4cupcake 5
William: Age 3 1/2, Pre-school
"I like to find the lady bugs. My favorite page is the GIANT one!"

cupcake1cupcake2cupcake3cupcake4cupcake 5
Syndi: Age 4, Pre-school
"I love "Cakes" I love finding the ladybugs, it’s fun. The beast is cool and isn’t scary. And I like the cupcakes-Yummy! I play with my Mommy’s shoes and purses."

Dotted Line


Samantha, Age 6, Kindergarden
"Okay, one of my favorite things is high heels so I liked it a lot. And I wanted to read it like every single night. I mean every single night. I want to read it tonight. I want to read it, tomorrow and this morning. I want to read it right now. I love high heels & I love your book. It was a good find and search. Thank-you."

Maddy, Age 8, Second Grade                                                     "I love cupcakes! They have brown wrappers."



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