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Priscilla Y. Huff, author of best-selling book: 101 Home-Based Businesses for Women says, "Mommy's High Heel Shoes is a delightful new children’s picture book describing how a little girl plays with her mother’s different shoes, helping her understand the many roles a working mother, like her mother, fills during a week."

Moms Favorite Stuff says, "Mommy's High Heel Shoes is absolutely perfect for my daughter because...."

Leticia- Tech Savyy Mama: "This fall I hung up my hat as a SAHM to become a PTWOHM. Unlike so many life events that are depicted in stories, I had trouble finding a suitable book that I could use to begin a discussion with my children about me going back to work. The brand new book, Mommy's High Heel Shoes is a delightful story that discusses...."

The Domestic Diva: "This book was so much fun to read. The illustrations are beautiful and I loved how the author added a glimpse of mystery to each page by having you find a ladybug, heart, and cupcake. It was fun to read through the story then go back and find the hidden treasures in each illustration. This is a loved book by my family and I’m sure your family will love to read it as well. This book is definitely a must have for your book shelf...."

Mama Neena says, "I was immediately struck with the originality of the story. It was such a nice change to see a book that looked beyond the role of 'mommy' to show that women fill many shoes throughout their day and their lives. They work, garden, cook, socialize, and take care of their families all while still attempting to takes care of themselves.

It did a great job showing how a mother can do more for her family by taking a little time and doing something for herself. Wearing fancy shoes makes Cake's mommy feel good and that helps her to be a better mother. I felt drawn to this particular idea because I think one of the first things mothers tend to do is put themselves on the back burner for the sake of their children."

Mommy Tracked: "The lives of working mothers have caused certain metaphors, not to mention clichés work overtime: we wear a variety of hats; we juggle to keep numerous balls in the air; we wage battles at home and at work – you can surely supply others. That’s what Kristie Finnan has done in her new book, Mommy’s High Heel Shoes. Spinning off the familiar image of young children clopping clumsily around in their mothers’ shoes, Finnan has fashioned a way to explore the various “shoes” mothers wear as they walk the various paths of their lives. Thus, after her mother leaves for work wearing high heels..."

Bongga Mom: Mommy's High Heel shoes is one of those books that get you saying, "Awwww!" or "Wow" at every page.

Awwww.... aren't these kids cute?
Awwww.... isn't it fun to look for ladybugs and cupcakes and hearts on each page?
Awwww.... aren't they a loving family?
Wow.......... I just love how the modern story and retro illustrations work together so well!
Wow...........doesn't that mom have some kickass shoes!
Wow .......... look at all those yummy cupcakes (shall we go to Sprinkles now and get some for ourselves?)!"

Stephanie at Metopolotin Mama says, "It’s nice to read a book that shows that mommies do a lot of different things - from making waffles in the morning to going to work to playing silly games. Moms wear lots of different “shoes” - and I love that Finnan’s book acknowledges that reality.


Darling Hill: "This fun book is one of those books that children will beg to read over and over again–plus, they’ll love looking for hidden ladybugs, hearts & cupcakes. After a hard day “trying to do it all”, you may also find yourself begging to read it, if only for the simple reassurance it provides about our grownup work/life choices."

Ainsley from Chattahoocheemama says, "I'm not a working mom. But after reading it, I instantly realized that although the mommy in the story goes to work every day, she could actually represent any mom. I may not work outside the home, but I still need to take time for myself to help me stay sane and happy."

Smiling Mama: "Well, here is it: this book is adorable! The beautiful cover, illustrated by Pat Achilles, helped draw me in. In fact, the illustrations throughout are just simply delightful. But, it is the overall message of the book that means the most to me...

My favorite line of the book is "And when I feel good, I'm a better mommy." Truer words could not be spoken. I currently..."

MommyVents: "When I received the book I didn't realize it was about a working mom. I instantly thought, oh I guess I might give it to my sister since she works. But then I read it to my girls and I was so happy that this book was really for ANY MOM. The daughter questions all the different shoes her mommy has, only for the Mom to be able to explain that Mom's have many different jobs hence all the shoes !! The daughter tries to walk in Mommy's high heels and realizes they are a bit tricky to manage. Yes being a Mom is tricky!!! ....Pass this along to friends and family, and trust me this lady is going to be a big name, be on the cutting edge and get this book now !!!!"

Chic Simple Moms: "It's a great book for moms who are returning to the workforce to help explain their "new" role to their little ones."

Tracey at Just Another Mommy Blog says, "Mommy's High Heel Shoes is a sweet book about a little girl who wonders why her mom wears high heels to work every day. The pictures are colorful and the story is amusing, as "Cakes" imagines all of the things her mom could need those heels for...

The best part of the book, however, is when her mommy declares that the BEST job she has is being a MOMMY."

Gemini Girl: "I received a really fun book last week- and told the author that I would do a book review! Now, mind you- if I didn’t like it I would be quite honest. I would say,“Well, it just isn’t for me”…. but It was sooo for me!The story centers around a little girl whose mother works outside the home full time. The girl becomes enamoured with her mother’s shoes and imagines what her mother does at work or when she’s out- while wearing the shoes.

I liked this story because I am a working mother myself. I work outside the home 40 hours a week (50 if you count my commute time). It’s not easy being a working mom since I feel guilty about the time that I cant spend with my girls. It’s nice to know that there are other mothers who can relate...." 

My LIfe As It Is: "my 2 1/2 year old niece - totally perfect for her! Especially since she just had a new sister arrive at her house and her Mom is getting ready to go back to work full time. And especially because ever since she could crawl she has a constant obsession for getting into any adult female shoe, especially work shoes! I couldn't have asked for a better book to read to my niece." 

See AMAZON Reviews: Jay Ross-"I must tell you that our collection of children's books rival that of any library. We are avid readers to our two girls (5yrs and 3 yrs). I hope that provides adequate context when I say that this book is our absolute favorite!! See MORE



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